Johnnie Robinson is in his second season as a member of the Columbus State men's basketball team. A graduate of St. Vincent St. Mary High School in Akron, Robinson appeared in 24 games in his freshman season. He averaged three  points, one steal, and one assist and helped lead the Cougars to a top 12 national finish.

Why did you decide to come to Columbus State?  I wanted to continue my athletic and academic career in a different city (not too far) from home.

When/how did you start playing basketball? I started around 7 years old. My dad signed me up to play. I fell in love and have been playing ever since.

 What do you enjoy most about being on the basketball team? I enjoy everything about the game. From my coaches, teammates, competing, also, always having a stress-reliever.

Why did you choose your major? My major (Associate of Arts) will transfer to almost any school I decide to transfer to.

Can you give us an idea of what a day in the life of a Columbus State basketball player looks like? HARD WORK! Eat, sleep, basketball. Dedicating our lives to our family (the team). Early morning workouts, study table every day, back to sleep, because 5:00am practice comes very quick.

Give us a interesting fact about yourself. I have a baby brother named Justin. Justin motivates me every time I step on the court without him even knowing it. He's the reason I push myself every day, trying to be not only the perfect big brother, but the perfect role model as well.