One-on-One with Chris Byrd

One-on-One with Chris Byrd


Sophomore Guard l South High School l Columbus, Ohio

Averages: 16.2 pts, 4.2 rbs, 2.6 assists, 1.2 steals per game; FG% 46.8, FT% 81.8

Chris Byrd has the unique distinction of competing at the NJCAA national tournament at the DII level and next week, at the DIII level. He helped lead the Cougars to a top 12 national finish in 2016, and after taking a year off, he's back to lead the Cougars to a national championship in 2018.

We sat down with Byrd on his experiences:

Question: Since you have competed at the national level, what can you tell your teammates?

Chris Byrd: Treat the tournament as we did the district final. If we play how we have played it shouldn't be a problem. But we have to win that first game.

Q: What do you think about the team that will set you guys apart from the other teams?

CB: Our pace, how fast of a pace we play. Our 1-5 can each play each position.

 Q: So what do you and team have to do to become national champions?

CB: Play how we play and get the stop and get out of transition.

 Q: Best victory of this season?

CB: Joliet [district final], definitely. All the hard work of the season went into that game. I cried tears of joy. We all stuck together.

 Q: As a basketball player, what's the nicest compliment someone can pay you?

CB: He has a nice shot.

 Q: What are your plans after basketball at Columbus State?

CB: I'm transferring to Shawnee State to continue playing basketball and studying exercise science.